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“Tuffers” takes the Ice Bucket Challenge at Sonning Cricket Club

For those that didn't see it live, or want to see it again, here is a link to Phil “The Cat” Tufnell taking the Ice Bucket Challenge in front of Sonning Cricket Club Pavillion. His "assassins" are our resident Australian first team player, Louis Ellery and Simon "Brooksy" Brooks.

The event occurred at the end of the Club's "Presidents Day" organised Club President and wife, Max and Paula McNeil and Club Chairman Jamie Travers. There were far too many other important contributions to name them all here.

Guest of honour was Phil Tufnell who participated in the entire game, and embraced the occasion with genuine warmth and humour.

It was a hugely successful day, with around 400 spectators watching Sonning achieve a narrow victory over the Presidents XI, with a six from 1st team captain, Olly Clayson, with just 3 balls to go in the match.

2014 Presidents day photos link

8-Sep-2014 -- Transcript between Tuffers and Aggers on air on Test Match Special, Tuesday September 2nd

-Tuffers....Played a match on Sunday at Sonning in Berkshire.
-Aggers....Did you - how did it go?
- Not bad. Made 10 - against their first team
- Oh! Here's Kulkarni, bowls.........10! So where did you get them?
- Well a couple off my legs, a couple through the off-side
- What? Boundaries?
- Yeah, boundaries! No, it was a nice day down there. It was a President's Day and, er...Yes!..Er, lovely little clubhouse down there, lovely Sunday afternoon, beautiful weather - we're meant to be having this Indian summer, aren't we. But I pulled me hamstring. First time in 48 years I've pulled a hamstring.
- Running between the wickets?
- No. I was on that sort of Jonty Rhodes, gulley line.
- Oh, of course
- Yes
- Rhodes. Collingwood. Tufnell. That position you've made your own! Ah, right. You went a bit too early or something?
- It twanged!
- Oh dear! In goes Kulkarni......Well, look Tuffers. All figures. I think it's time to retire.
- I think it is
- They'll have a little plaque up there - "Tufnell scored 10 here".
- They might. Sonning C.C. might have seen the last of the Cat.
- Oh, really? How did the bowling go?
- Well, not great. It came out alright know.. got hit into the gardens a few times. Couple short. Yeah, couple short. Went to fire one in just wasn't there!
- Odd, though, how your bowling has gone sharply downhill but your batting ..obviously, you're in mid-season form. 10! Here's Cook looking for his first run - he could do with 10.....So you were seeing the ball like a football from then on.
- Yeah, but but was out, er, seven balls later.
- Oh! You didn't say you'd been dismissed!
- Well, no, yeah, yeah.
- What happened?
- Plinked it to mid-off.
- Oh no, did you? You must have been - Oh no! Too much confidence obviously

Tuffers takes the ice bucket challenge

Tuffers feels bad as he delivers the ice bucket challenge to 82 year old Maureen Anderson

Louis Ellery (Capt SCC XI), Max McNeill (President), Phil Tufnell, and Ali Driver (MC)

The players and officials

Tuffers nervously waiting to bat, fag in hand

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Max McNeill

Gary Phillips
Vice Chairman

Richard Anderson

Dan Anderson

Steve Rayfield
Membership Secretary

Gary Phillips
Fixture Secretary

Bill Travers
Social Secretary

Keith Denyer
Pavilion Manager

Phil Wilding
Bar Stewardess

Christine Wilding
Press Officer

Bill Travers

Strik Pownall
Selection Co-Ordinator

Jameel Ahamed

Jameel Ahamed
First Team Manager

Alan Bright
1st Team Captain

Pete Dean
1st Team Vice Captain

Duncan Parr
2nd Team Captain

Dan Anderson
2nd Team Vice Captain

Steve Hill
3rd Team Captain

Nick Ray
3rd Team Vice Captain

Waqas Tahir
Sunday 1st Team Captain

Mark Lilley
Sunday 1st ViceTeam Captain

Jameel Ahamed
Sunday 2nd Team Captain

Bill Travers
Sunday 2nd Team Vice Captain

Nick Ray
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